Società  Editrice Umberto Allemandi & C. S.p.a. - Fondata nel 1983 - Torino London New York Venezia

The Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile in Turin

The sweeping renovation of the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile has transformed it into a truly modern institution, a new, highly dynamic cultural centre, laying the bases for future expansion and once again giving the public an exciting museum that will be able to attract and involve increasing numbers of visitors, not only auto enthusiasts. The museum layout covers three floors, with display installations that are both revolutionary and stunningly eye-catching. The underlying theme - “the automobile seen as the result of human genius and imagination” - is designed to illustrate and promote Italy’s immense wealth of talent, inspired creativity, craftsmanship and business skills. Each creation is original, thought-provoking and based on the conviction that contemporary museums should not be static, lifeless places where the items on show are presented as passive materials with no reference to history and society, but rather as constantly evolving centres that are able to challenge and inspire their visitors.
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