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Beyond Time

Mimmo Paladino and the Warrior of Capestrano: the New Room

Mimmo Paladino, one of Italy’s best-known artists, has created a dialogue with the Warrior of Capestrano (sixthcentury BC), an outstanding masterpiece of Italic sculpture.This artistic encounter takes shape in the wake of a pioneering experiment without precedent in Italy: the great contemporary artist has designed the new permanent room in which the Warrior is exhibited, at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale d’Abruzzo-Villa Frigerj, in Chieti. According to Gabriele Simongini, who together with Andrea Pessina has edited the book that describes the artist’s intervention,Paladino has given the Warrior “a new home, a room suspended in a timeless dimension, as well as creating a whole new work of art, made up of architectural spaces,graffito signs and ad hoc lighting.” And the dialogue does not stop here: the sculpture of the new Guerriero by Paladino is proof of that.
A cura di: edited by Gabriele Simongini e Andrea Pessina
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