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The baths of Acqui.

City and Architectures for Care and Leisure

The great future ambitions of Acqui, a European spa city, are rooted in its history, of which this book tells the story. As in other localities that were made famous (and attractive) by their thermal waters, ...


L’intimo rapporto con l’Italia del celebre compositore tedesco. Richard Strauss (1864-1949) fu il compositore tedesco più in vista e di successo nella prima metà del Novecento, il cui teatro musicale ...

The Hand of Palladio

This book aims to identify Palladio’s personal touch, to pinpoint the most typical features of his language, his preferences, tics, obsessions, working method and the various stages of his training and ...


1920 | 1930

The supremacy of dance in the Soviet Union. This beautiful book is the result of research that began in the late 1970s and culminated in the 2011 publication in Moscow of V Natsjale Bilo Telo (In the ...


A Ten-Year Project Completed

This book talks about the global safeguarding model that the Vatican Museums have been successfully testing for several years now. It is a multitrack system in which care of the exhibition environment, ...

New York shots

A boxing tale

New York Shots is the story of Italians in America, seen through their successes, defeats and battles, inside and outside the ring. The author adopts a disjointed, narrative and critical approach with ...

Torino 1984-2008 Architecture Atlas

This atlas documents the architecture and the urban policies realised in Turin, Italy, from 1984 to today, with a special look at projects underway that will shape the city in future years. Brief critical ...

The Hidden Face of Jerusalem

This is another Jerusalem, more secret, more out-of-the-way, more modest but no less fascinating than the more official, better-known city. Perhaps these images may give life to the desire to discover these ...

Beyond Time

Mimmo Paladino and the Warrior of Capestrano: the New Room

Mimmo Paladino, one of Italy’s best-known artists, has created a dialogue with the Warrior of Capestrano (sixthcentury BC), an outstanding masterpiece of Italic sculpture.This artistic encounter takes ...

Stories of Looks and Visions

Alessandra Albarello

This book tells the fascinating story of how eyewear and optical instruments evolved from the thirteenth century through to the present day. It takes its cue from the precious and eclectic collections ...

Treatise on paint. Gianni Maimeri.

The Treatise on Paint by Gianni Maimeri (1884-1951) is an unpublished manuscript in the author’s own hand by one of the most unusual Italian artists of the early twentieth century. Founder of one of the ...

Niente di meno / Nothing Less

The power of female design

The exhibition catalogue for “Niente di meno / Nothing less” documents a selection of more than 100 out-of-production objects designed between 1945 and 2000 by female Italian (or long-term Italian resident) ...

Le Monde de Beaurepaire

In collaborazione con l'associazione "Amici della Scala"

Scoperto nel 1945 da Christian Berard, subito lanciato da Jean Cocteau fra i protagonisti della vita culturale e mondana francese, André Beaurepaire fu , a poco più di vent'anni, un' apparizione di grazia ...

Between the Louvre and the Zoo

Braco Dimitrijevic

The works with living animals came out of the two tendencies that have been dominant in Braco Dimitrijevic’s work right from the beginning. Simultaneously to exhibiting in galleries and museums, Dimitrijevic, ...

Villa Carlotta

Museum, Historical Park, Botanic Garden on Lake Como

Villa Carlotta is a place of exceptional beauty where masterpieces of Nature and human genius live in perfect harmony within an ensemble of 70,000 square meters of gardens and museum structures open to visitors.

Anna Paola Pizzocaro. Il mondo di Mai/Neverland

Arriva alla seconda tappa la trilogia di Anna Paola Pizzocaro, fotografa milanese con alle spalle collaborazioni internazionali di altissimo livello come quella con David Lachapelle, caratterizzata da ...

Making the Italians

The book accompanying the exhibition demonstrates, with pictures, the “plurality of narratives and languages” used on this special occasion to present the national history of the last 150 years. “Making the Italians.

The Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile in Turin

The sweeping renovation of the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile has transformed it into a truly modern institution, a new, highly dynamic cultural centre, laying the bases for future expansion and once ...

Femmes fatales at the opera

The “belle dame sans merci” as personified in the poem by Keats, the seductress who drives men insane and slowly but surely to their ruin, is one of the myths of modern culture, pervading literature, drama, figurative arts, cinema.


through the Lens of Achilles Samandji and Eugene Dalleggio

A photographer of the Sultan’s court, Achilles Samandji, and a historian, a talented amateur photographer in his spare time, Eugène Dalleggio, both Greeks of Constantinople, proffer the reader of this ...

The Castello del Valentino

Costanza Roggero, Annalisa Dameri

Property of the House of Savoy since the second half of the sixteenth century, the building has been the subject of numerous phases of enrichment and rearrangement, which, over time, have transformed its appearance.

Venini Glass

One of the most important changes during the 20th century was the evolution of the decorative arts from the rank of crafts to that of art: glass, today, has duly earned its place in museums, markets and the public opinion.

The Museo di Antichità of Turin

English edition

A surprising panorama of ancient Piedmont. A fascinating journey in search of civilisations that are no more but laid the foundations for our universal culture. The Museo di Antichità has preserved its ...


Modern Alpine Architecture in Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta

English edition

A trek through Italy’s Western Alps to discover the buildings that have been constructed in the mountains of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta in modern times: the “invention” of mountain landscape in the 18th ...


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