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1920 | 1930

The supremacy of dance in the Soviet Union.

This beautiful book is the result of research that began in the late 1970s and culminated in the 2011 publication in Moscow of V Natsjale Bilo Telo (In the Beginning was the Body), on the 1920s experiments in movement in the Soviet Union.

It is not only about dance and visual arts, but also the representation of that epoch suspended between the community utopias at the start of the century and the collectivist communist utopias, into which the Stalinist anti-utopia ambiguously converged. How is the human body – nude, clothed, collective, individual, visible and transparent, but above all in motion – situated at the centre of these different perspectives?

Magnificent images represent the role of movement in dance, in gymnastics, in work and in daily life, and are the revelation of a crucial and astonishing decade of Russian culture that only began to emerge over the last twenty years.

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Misure: 24 x 33,5 cm
Illustrazioni: 50 in colour and 500 in black and white
Legatura: Hardcover
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