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Italia 61 [ENG]

The nation on show. The personalities and legends heralding the netenary of the Unification of Italy. English edition

di Cristiana Chiorino, Sergio Pace, Michela Rosso

The nation on show. The personalities and legends heralding the centenary of the Unification of Italy

The buildings of Italia ’61, from the Palazzo del Lavoro to the Palavela, were for many years regarded as incongruous within the cultural and urban context of Turin. With the 2006 Winter Olympics they are enjoying a revival, albeit of an often paradoxical sort.
This is a chronicle of the events and people behind the construction of the exhibition area.
What future should this group of buildings, extraordinary both in terms of sheer number
and quality, have in the city?

The series “Contemporary Architecture in Turin” reconstructs the complex topography of places, buildings, architects, techniques and styles in Turin throughout the 20th century. A collection of small histories that helps identify future scenarios for a city that has unobtrusively embraced the 21st century.

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