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Dalí in the Third Dimension [ENG]

The Stratton Foundation Collection

This book is an in-depth study of the three-dimensional works of the great Catalan artist Salvador Dalí. It presents the dreams of a collector, Mr Beniamino Levi, who created the Stratton Foundation Collection, the most important of its kind, and depicts one man’s quest to bring these works of art to the notice of the public.

Mr Levi, President of the Stratton Foundation, met Salvador Dalí for the first time more than forty years ago. As a major collector and gallery owner specialising in Surrealism, he was immediately fascinated by Dalí’s sculptural work and realised that this aspect of the artist’s oeuvre was not known to the world at large. After a life dedicated to collecting and locating Dalí’s works, he has assembled an extraordinary collection of sculptural works that he has toured worldwide, thus doing much to promote awareness of a major aspect of Dalí’s creative genius.

Today, the Collection is internationally renowned, having been seen by more than ten million people around the world and exhibited in over eighty prestigious museums and locations, including the Espace Dalí in Paris, which houses the only permanent exhibition of Dalí’s works in France.
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