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Flemish Painting

From the 16th to the 18th century. Relaying ideas from Erasmus to Diderot

di Florence de Voldère

Real “honest men”, the Brueghels took part in the intellectual epic of their day which, from humanism to the spirit of the Enlightenment, brought about a renewal in thought and laid the foundations of Modernity. Through the human adventure
of the Brueghel dynasty, progressing from obscure beginnings to recognition by the very greatest, Florence de Voldère introduces us to the genius of these men who created the Flemish aesthetic identity. She takes us through the Renaissance in Flanders in the form of a story in pictures. Through this approach based on a dynamic reading of the paintings, this book shows the crucial role of art at one moment of civilization, and opens up some decidedly novel perspectives for interpreting Flemish art.Florence de Voldère
Born into the art world, she studied philosophy and economics and for twenty years has been running a Paris gallery specializing in Flemish painting.

Pagine: 320
Misure: 24 x 31 cm
Illustrazioni: 320 col.
Legatura: Hardback
Edizione: French 978-88-422-1836-4
ISBN: 978-88-422-1837-1


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