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Niente di meno / Nothing Less [IT+ENG]

The power of female design

The exhibition catalogue for “Niente di meno / Nothing less” documents a selection of more than 100 out-of-production objects designed between 1945 and 2000 by female Italian (or long-term Italian resident) designers from the collections of Daniele Lorenzon (Paloma) and Alessandro Padoan (Fragile), gallery owners who have been committed to highlighting this particular type of product for years.
The critical essays in the book are accompanied by biographies of the artists, whose work has focused on characterising and personalising the most variedrange of domestic environments, designing beds, sofas, tables, lamps, sconcesand furnishing accessories, then made in silver, ceramic, glass, plastics etc.
At this start of the 21st century, and 150 years since the Unification of Italy, it seems pertinent to show how these professionals were the precursors of a number of women who are now moving into the increasingly broader field of design.
A cura di: Edited by Anty Pansera
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ISBN: 978-88-422-1972-9
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