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Making the Italians [ENG]

The book accompanying the exhibition demonstrates, with
pictures, the “plurality of narratives and languages” used on this
special occasion to present the national history of the last 150
years. “Making the Italians. 150 years of national history” has several
special features, primarily the venue, the historical OGR, Officine Grandi
Riparazioni (Railway Repair Workshops), decommissioned in the 1990s
and the object of several recovery plans and projects before being finally
put back under the city’s (and nation’s) spotlights for the celebrations of
the 150th anniversary of Unification. The layout offers two possible
itineraries: one chronological, marked by the fundamental stages of the unification story, and one of
“thematic islands”, in which themes such as from the world wars to the relationship with the Church, from the
boom to the consumer society and from politics to labour are examined with considerable use of multimedia
and interactive materials. The common thread running through the exhibition is unification-division; the
comparison between that which in this century and a half has united Italians and reinforced their identity,
and that which, conversely, has been the cause of division and, at times, conflict.
A cura di: Edited by Walter Barberis and Giovanni De Luna
Pagine: 128
Misure: 42 x 32 cm
Legatura: Paperback
ISBN: 978-88-422-2004-6
Prezzo: 20,00 €

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