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Forme implicite/ Unearthed Shapes [IT+ENG]

Gioielli di Faiences / Faiences Jewels

A collection of rare gold and silver jewels, born from the fecund collaboration
between a sculptress and a poet, the first with a passion for
her native land (the “Romagna”) and for the art of bringing ancient
tools back to life rescuing them from time’s oblivion (the fragments of Faenza
Maiolica), the other accustomed to moulding words suggestively material as
metal and stones.
A cura di: Edited by Mirta Carroli e Maria Luisa Vezzali
Pagine: 110
Misure: 24 x 25 cm.
Legatura: Paperback
Edizione: Italian and English edition
ISBN: 978-88-422-2062-6
Prezzo: € 25,00 sconto 15% € 21,25

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